How to uninstall WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a really useful messenger application that uses an internet connection to send instant messages, picture and video messages, and to do group chats and voice calls. The reason this is such a great feature, is it means there is essentially no difference between sending messages to your next door neighbor and sending them across the ocean, making WhatsApp especially popular amongst people who need to keep in touch with people internationally. In addition, using a Wi-Fi signal whenever one is available means that WhatsApp doesn’t need to use your mobile data, which is often limited and usually pricey.


So once you have WhatsApp, it’s not very likely that you’ll want to uninstall it, but sometimes it’s necessary to do an uninstall for a variety of reasons. Sometimes when an app is glitchy, you can fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling it (I’ve done this myself with WhatsApp). Another possibility is that you need a fresh installation of WhatsApp if you have an iPhone and want to try to put WhatsApp onto your iPad, which can be a complicated process. In any case, if you need to know how to uninstall WhatsApp, read on for instructions specific to your device. (Note: if you’re trying to delete apps because you’re giving or selling your device to someone else, it would be better to do a full factory reset rather than uninstalling apps one at a time).

Uninstall WhatsApp- iPhone

To uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone, you first need to go to your home screen and find the icon for WhatsApp. Tap the icon and hold for a couple of seconds, and all of the icons will start to shake a bit and will have a gray circle with an “x” inside it. To delete WhatsApp, just tap the gray “x” on its icon, and confirm that you want to delete WhatsApp. That’s all you need to do to uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone, but if you back up your iPhone to your Mac in your iTunes Library, you will want to delete WhatsApp from there as well. To do this, go to your Library and select “Apps”. Find the WhatsApp icon, right click the icon and select “Delete”.

Uninstall WhatsApp- Android

To uninstall WhatsApp from an Android-powered phone, such as a Samsung, LG or Sony, you have a few options. The first option is to go to your phone’s “Settings”, select “General” and then “Apps”. This will give you a list of all of the applications that have been downloaded and all of the ones that are running on your Android device. Scroll through until you locate WhatsApp, and tap it to go to the App info page. Right at the top of that page you will find a button that says, “Uninstall”. Simply tap it to uninstall WhatsApp from your Android. Your second option is to go into Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp (as if you were going to install it), and when you are on the WhatsApp product detail page you will see a similar “uninstall” button that will function the same was as doing it through your settings.

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