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The instant messenger app WhatsApp has quickly become the world’s most popular messaging application, and is truly invaluable for anyone looking to save more of their monthly data, avoid extra text message fees, or save money on international calls and text messages. That’s because WhatsApp uses a wifi internet connection to send and receive messages, pictures, videos, audio messages, and make voice calls. This means, as long as you have a wifi connection available, WhatsApp won’t use any of your monthly data, and there is no limit on the number of messages you can send. It also doesn’t matter whether you send a message to your friend in the next room, or on the other side of the world! There are no extra costs to send international messages, even multimedia messages, and no extra fees for making international voice calls. For this reason, WhatsApp is the preferred method of communication for people who travel often or who have friends or family members living in other countries. Using conventional methods, it would be very expensive to talk to them as often as you would like to, but with WhatsApp, it’s 100% free for the first year, and a mere $0.99 for each year of unlimited messages and calls after that.

whatsapp for android

Download WhatsApp for Android

If you’re eager to experience WhatsApp for yourself, you’re in luck: downloading WhatsApp to your Android device is free and very easy. We just need to confirm a few system requirements before we get started.

Your device needs to be able to receive a call or an SMS message. This means that all Android phones are supported, but not all tablets. WhatsApp needs to verify a phone number attached to your account with either a phone call or SMS message, which means if you’ve got a tablet that only has internet capabilities, like an old Nexus tablet, you won’t be able to download WhatsApp to that device.

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You should have an up to date version of Android OS, version 2.1 or newer, in order to install WhatsApp.

Now, to the download: you can download WhatsApp to your Android phone just like you would download any other application. That is, we’re going to download it through the Play Store (if you don’t have Play Store on your Android device, you’ll want to install that first). In the Play Store, under “apps”, we’re going to search for “WhatsApp” and the first result should be what you’re looking for. Tap on it to go to the WhatsApp page in Play Store, and then tap “download” to download for free.

If you prefer, you can link directly to the WhatsApp page in Google Play Store and download from here:

Once the WhatsApp download is complete, you just need to open the application to finish setting up your account with WhatsApp. They will ask for your mobile phone number, because this is the number that your WhatsApp account will be associated with. Make sure you use your real number, because WhatsApp will verify by sending an SMS message (which it will detect automatically) or by calling you with a verification code.

After your phone number has been verified, WhatsApp will go through the contacts on your Android phone to see if any of your contacts are also using WhatsApp. If they are, they will be conveniently added to your WhatsApp contacts list without you having to so much as lift a finger.

At this point, you are ready to start sending messages, making voice calls and having group chats with your friends, all over a wifi connection, all for free.

One option you might be interested in is syncing your WhatsApp contacts, messages and media to your desktop or laptop computer. If you would like to be able to transition smoothly between your Android phone and your PC, you can download the PC version of WhatsApp and connect it to your mobile account. To get started, check out

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