Download WhatsApp for iPhone

The messaging service WhatsApp has become extremely popular among iPhone users, especially those who travel frequently and have lots of contacts in different countries. Unlike other messaging applications or standard text messaging, WhatsApp makes it easy and affordable to communicate internationally and while traveling. WhatsApp doesn’t charge any extra fees for international messages or international calls, doesn’t eat up your monthly data, doesn’t tag any roaming charges onto your bill, and is totally free to download. How can they do this? Simple—messages are sent and received over a wireless internet connection, rather than using mobile data or cellular towers. This means that you can send messages to your family and friends even while you’re traveling and your SIM card doesn’t work.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

The WhatsApp download for iPhone is free, and the WhatsApp service for the first year is also free (only 99 cents per year after that). The service is unlimited in every sense of the word; you can send unlimited messages, international or not, with no limit on how many multimedia files you send or receive. That’s good news, since WhatsApp lets you send picture messages, video message, audio messages, location-sharing messages and even has a voice calling feature. It’s no wonder that WhatsApp has become a favorite, not only among iPhone users, but worldwide: there are currently about 800 million active WhatsApp users.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

Downloading WhatsApp to your iPhone is free and very simple. As long as your iPhone is running iOS version 4.3 or higher, you can download it with no problem. You can either use your iPhone to go to the App Store in iTunes, and search there for “WhatsApp” and download it directly for free, or you can follow this link which will take you to the WhatsApp product page on iTunes (also a free download):

Once the WhatsApp download is finished, you can open the application to begin setting up your new WhatsApp account, which will be attached to your cell phone number. You’ll have to enter your phone number so that WhatsApp can verify it, which it will do automatically. After that, WhatsApp will scan through the contacts in your phone to see if any of them are also WhatsApp users. If it finds anyone who is, they will be added to your WhatsApp contacts list as well.

That’s all there is to it. Now you’ve got the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone, and you can start sending messages to your other WhatsApp friends right away, or invite them to download WhatsApp if they haven’t already done so.

WhatsApp for PC with iPhone?

ios 8 and WhatsApp

One of the cool new developments from WhatsApp is a PC version called WhatsApp Web, which links to your existing mobile WhatsApp account. Although the WhatsApp Web version is compatible with Mac OS X as long as you use Safari, they still haven’t rolled out a version that’s compatible with iPhone. WhatsApp Web doesn’t create a new account; it can only link to an existing mobile one, meaning it requires a compatible phone with WhatsApp installed. So for the moment, iPhone and iPad users are out of luck. But stay tuned, because iPhone users have been putting a lot of pressure on WhatsApp to get this out as soon as possible, and when that happens you will have the option of downloading the computer version and linking it to you iPhone WhatsApp account. If you have WhatsApp installed on another type of phone, such as Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, you can download WhatsApp Web for free and sync it to your other device by visiting iPhone and iPad users will have to wait a bit longer, but it will be worth the wait.

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